New Gamebreaker Helmets Aim to Protect Athletes From Head Injuries

They may look funny, but coaches, medical experts, and players alike all say they work.

Gamebreaker’s new Helmets (also known as protective caps) are designed to protect athletes in non-contact sports such as flag football, soccer, and lacrosse from concussion and other serious head injuries.

Owners Mike Juels and former NFL player Joey LaRocque claim, “We’ve gone through extensive testing with these helmets to get the right material that would be lightweight, flexible and washable while at the same time offer a good level of protection to the end user.”

The helmets are designed similar to those used by the NFL in the 1920’s. Made up of strategically placed foam padding to protect the areas of the head most impacted by collisions and a chin strap to custom fit those who use it.

Head injuries have been around since the beginning of sports, but have always been an unspoken or unmentionable injury until now. With the NFL’s newly added emphases on head injuries, it is great to see sports organizations at every level are now taking the neccessary saftey precautions to prevent head injuries.

Additionally, organizations that are not taking the much needed safety precautions have no excuse. If you or your loved one suffer any form of brain injury, contact your local head and brain injury attorney immediately. Most offer a free consultation so you have nothing to lose.


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